Research and Development


Huawei $9.2 billion in R&D spending in 2015 put it among the world's leaders in that category

Research Hubs

78% of global R&D occurs in five countries: the United States; Japan; Germany; France; and the UK

Artificial Intelligence

Our Capabilities

Relentless business pressures are forcing some changes to the way R&D focused organizations are working . Mobile technologies rank top of the list with the promise of on-the-go data and applications. Our team possess a deep understanding of the niche specialisms and a proven track record in servicing our client's needs on a global footprint, Quality is the cornerstone or our brand and we are constantly focused on improvement.
Working with locally based experts is our priority, nevertheless, we have nurtured a global partnership network to provide 100% compliant tax and visa solutions to our clients. Our dedicated contractor care team is here to assist in the relocation of talent. Our global reach within our niche technology area will ensure you get the best talent available for your projects.

Telco Can Offer:
  • •R&D Software Engineers
  • •Head of Research
  • •R&D Test managers
  • •iOS Developers
  • •Software Engineers
  • •Industrial Designers
  • •Antenna designers
  • •Thermal Design Engineers
  • •Terminal Wireless Performance
  • •Terminal RF circuit system expert
  • •Embeded Software Engineers