There are approximately 7.3 billion mobile connections, with huge population penetration


Ten countries will account for 70% of the growth in new mobile subscribers worldwide


Our Capabilities

With the boom in smartphones and data-intensive wireless devices, mobile subscriptions for high data consumption devices are expected to reach 8 billion by 2019. While embracing the need for rapid innovation the hunt for talent has never been more competitive, ITHR Telco is perfectly aligned with our dedicated niche recruitment approach, this gives us access to unique partner networks.
Our flexible and collaborative approach is proven to deliver results, encompassing contingency recruitment solutions to full management of statement of works, whilst maintaining one point of contact. We listen carefully and work smart to produce desirable results.

Broadband - TV - Telephone - Wireless service provisions - Digital Media - Digital TV – Digital Video Broadcasting - Convergence

Telco Can Offer:
  • •Scrum Master
  • •Mobile Architect
  • •Integration Manager
  • •PHP Developer
  • •Transformation Director
  • •Testers
  • •Project Managers
  • •Program Managers
  • •PMO
  • •Product Managers