Big Data & Analytics

Data Creation

More data has been created in two years than in the prior history of the human race

Data Collection

Within five years there will be over 50 billion smart connected devices in the world,

Data Analysis

The Hadoop market is due to grow at an annual growth rate of 58%, Reaching $1billion in 2020

Our Capabilities

Big Data and predictive analytics are set to explode. We understand the nuances of niche recruitment, building and nurturing specific talent pools so we have an understanding of the current market trends, skill shortages and market rates. We can advise customers on the realistic options available to them to source the correct skill set for the desired programme. We are well versed in finding mission critical consultants, Clients can have confidence that we have a pedigree of placing and sourcing highly skilled consultants on a global footprint with a 100% Tax and legal compliant solution.

Data Governance – Predictive Analytics – Data Virtualisation – Data Integration – Data Preparation – Distributed File Store - Hadoop – Data Warehouse – Data Mining – Metadata – Machine Learning – IoT – Natural Language Processing

Telco Can Offer:
  • •Data scientist and Analytics
  • •Design and Architecture
  • •SAP Hana platform implementation
  • •Analytical and implementation
  • •Management and Optimisation
  • •Data engineer
  • •Machine learning scientist
  • •Data visualisation developer
  • •BI solutions architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer